If you don’t see a hand you fall in love with, we can work together to create a custom style that suits you perfectly. See examples below.

Ink comes in just about any color! 

Once an order is placed, it takes 3-4 weeks for completion and delivery.

Please provide 10% extra envelopes. Unused extras will be returned to you.

A deposit of 50% is due when the order is placed. The other half is due upon receipt of your order.

Envelope Addressing
Monoline Hands: $2.00 per envelope
Pointed Pen Hands: $2.50-$3.50 per envelope

Additional Wedding Materials
Return Address: $1.50–$4.50 per envelope
Placecards: $0.75–$3.50 per placecard
Posters/Signs: quote upon request

Wedding Vow Posters
16×20 Mat Board: $150-$250 per poster

Invitation/Wedding Material Design
Design: $40 per hour
Assembly: $40 per hour
Consultation: $40 per hour
Materials: quote upon request

Custom Projects
Quote upon request


Pointed Pen Styles